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Choosing INIFT has been of utmost importance for me in building up my career.The overall training process of the Teachers makes it too easy to learn and grasp the knowledge in a better way. I am thankful to INIFT for making me grow in my career.

Ankita, Fashion Student

I decided to pursue Fashion Designing Course at INIFT and I am proud of my decision on it. The overall process of teaching Fashion Designing in a practical way made it too convenient for me to adapt easily. I feel pleasured to be a part of INIFT as a student.

Madhumita, Fashion Student

INIFT has taught me that Interior Designing not only needs efforts but also a creative imaginative skills so as to enhance the beauty of the place to make it fully functional with a good management of space. Thank you INIFT for training me in a well understandable manner so that I gain proper knowledge regarding my course of study.

Nishika, Interior Student
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This course has incorporated a huge baggage of experience and knowledge necessary for creative self-realization and the opportunity to make good money. At the same time, the program is adapted for beginners and does not require special knowledge.


Output: you will receive fundamental knowledge and practice about the fashion world and course. These topics often focus on a fashion trend or theme that is likely to move into the mainstream.

History of Fashion Designing

Output: Fashion designers play a major role in our world. Their talent and vision play a big role on how people present themselves. They influence society and the way they choose to express themselves. Designers conduct research on fashion trends and interpret them for their audience.

Decision making, Case Study & Projects

Output: Fashion Design is about making decisions based on objective principles that may or may not apply. We train you to make objective decisions with an understanding that in the end those decisions are all subjective.

In-depth Elements of Fashion

Output: You will learn major four elements of fashion design: shape and form, line, color/value, and texture and five principles of fashion design: proportion and scale, balance, unity (harmony), rhythm, and emphasis.

Textile Study, Tools and Equipment

Output: Learn to use white or brown pattern paper, tracing wheel, French curve, hip curve, styling curve, awl, pencils, plastic ruler, measurement tape, yardstick, weights, notches, tracing wheel, etc.

IT & Graphic Design Skills

Output: This course is specifically designed for those of them who possess a great deal of interest and knowledge about the world of fashion

Bifurcates, Pockets, Plackets, Waist Bands and Shapes

Output: Learn and master the skill of constructing Bifurcates, Pockets, Plackets, Waist Bands and Shapes

Business of Making

Output: We make you ready for the business world to start your own fashion design agency/business.

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$ 299
  • Access to all tasks and personal account for 3 months
  • Access to weekly master classes with feedback
  • Possibility to ask questions


Option for professionals
$ 399
  • Access to all tasks and personal account for 6 months
  • Access to weekly master classes with feedback
  • Possibility to ask questions


TOP level options
$ 599
  • Access to all tasks and personal account for 9 months
  • Access to weekly master classes with feedback
  • Possibility to ask questions
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