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Fashion Designing is the personification of creating attractive designs on a fabric in order to add on to its beauty. An online fashion designing course with certificate in India inculcates the knowledge of textile and designing in the minds of the young learners. This Course forms the deep understanding of Fashion Designing and about its ongoing trends in India.

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Samrendra is a successful leader of fashion& interior industry, founder of INIFT has come up with a complete new pattern of education to offer the students.



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There are many major reasons to choose a online fashion courses with certificate in India which can be said as follows:

High Demand Of The Course in India

Currently there are 4000+ Jobs listed on Linkedin by MNC’s

Provides A Deep Rooted Knowledge About Fashion Designing

INIFT provide latest and most advance course syllabus for its students.

A Decent Salary

Average Salary offered to a Fashion designing fresher is between 3.5-4Lacs

All the above mentioned reasons makes it significant to pursue a fashion designer course online in India for an individual who want to build their careers as Fashion Designers in India.

Most Affordable COURSEs

How Much Does It Cost To Take An Online Fashion Design Course in India?

The cost of online fashion designing course with certificate in India differ depending upon the course taken up by the student and on the Institute from where they want to pursue the same. But, the average cost of doing a course of Fashion Designing in India ranges between 30K to 2.5lacs.


Online Fashion Design Course (6 Months)

I enrolled myself for the 6 months online fashion designing course at INIFT. This course syllabus provides what it promises and more. The modules are insightful and latest. INIFT online fashion course faculty is very patient and much experienced. They guided me throughout the course and help me land in my first internship. 

After completing my 6months online fashion design course, I highly recommend this platform for your fashion career. Totally worth it.

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Online Fashion Design Course (12 Months)​

I enrolled myself for 1 Year Advance online Fashion Design course. The Advance certificate program will allow you get a good hands on the principles and practices of fashion designing adopted by fashion designers across the globe. Enrolling at INIFT was the best decision of my career. There is so much to learn and experience in this industry, that we often and ourselves juggling between events, interacting with designers and getting mentored by industry leaders. Fashion Designing at INIFT is so much fun learning beyond textbooks.


Offline Fashion Design Course

Hi my name is Yash and I am from Kolkata. I am a student of INIFT Offline fashion design course. The course is designed in such a way that it was very simple and straight forward me to understand. Each and every topic was discussed in depth.

I found that reading through the modules was always exciting, and I was always expecting something new and interesting.

Faculty was very helpful and  after each Assignment constructive suggestion were provided, it was really valuable as it offered real life situations and solutions. 

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Specialized training courses

Live Online Training

Live Online Training

Design theory, Design Practice, Technical drawing, Research Strategies and Design Process

1 Full year internship

INIFT is the first institute to provide 365 days internship to students in India.


1 week internship in Abroad

INIFT is providing an excellent opportunity to it’s student to intern abroad and match the international standard.


Best Infrastructure

INIFT provides the best infrastructure and amenities to students. Today’s world is based on technology so as we.


Latest Course Syllabus

Learn all the latest trends from the industry experts.

Placement Assistance

We Provide 100% Placement assistance to all our fashion design & interior design students with good salary packages.


What Kind Of Career Improvement Can You Expect With A Fashion Designer Course Online India?

Being a much demanding field of profession, there are numerous amount of students pursuing Fashion Designer Course Online India. In today’s world, Fashion Designers have great potential to express their creativity to people by showcasing their designing skills. The successful completion of a Fashion Designing Course in India opens the door of a huge improvement in the career of an individual. The career improvements after completing a Fashion Designing Course in India are as follows:


Output: you will receive fundamental knowledge and practice about the fashion world and course. These topics often focus on a fashion trend or theme that is likely to move into the mainstream.

History of Fashion Designing

Output: Fashion designers play a major role in our world. Their talent and vision play a big role on how people present themselves. They influence society and the way they choose to express themselves. Designers conduct research on fashion trends and interpret them for their audience.

Decision making, Case Study & Projects

Output: Fashion Design is about making decisions based on objective principles that may or may not apply. We train you to make objective decisions with an understanding that in the end those decisions are all subjective.

In-depth Elements of Fashion

Output: You will learn major four elements of fashion design: shape and form, line, color/value, and texture and five principles of fashion design: proportion and scale, balance, unity (harmony), rhythm, and emphasis.

Textile Study, Tools and Equipment

Output: Learn to use white or brown pattern paper, tracing wheel, French curve, hip curve, styling curve, awl, pencils, plastic ruler, measurement tape, yardstick, weights, notches, tracing wheel, etc.

IT & Graphic Design Skills

Output: This course is specifically designed for those of them who possess a great deal of interest and knowledge about the world of fashion

Bifurcates, Pockets, Plackets, Waist Bands and Shapes

Output: Learn and master the skill of constructing Bifurcates, Pockets, Plackets, Waist Bands and Shapes



There are plenty of Institutes that offer online fashion design course in India but finding the right online fashion designing course in India is a big challenge. INIFT offers multiple online programmes that can help you become a successful designer and land you in your dream job.

INIFT provides best online fashion design courses in India and offline courses to students in Kolkata who want to enter the Fashion Designing World, can avail the excellent opportunity by taking up the course at INIFT Kolkata. INIFT is one of the most popular Institute in Kolkata that offer training in Fashion Designing.

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How To Apply For An Online Fashion Courses With Certificate In India?

For joining the course of Online Fashion Courses With Certificate In India, the student needs to search for the best course in Fashion Designing based upon their requirement. The students can further contact direct with the Institute or fill the admission form for the Fashion Designing course directly from the official website of the Institute.

Why To Take An Online Fashion Designing Course With Certificate In India?​

online interior design course in india

For students who have a creative, imaginative mind-set and who want to enter the World of Fashion, have an excellent opportunity to avail for the Online Fashion Designing Course With Certificate In India. Keeping the present scenario of the pandemic of Covid-19 in mind, this is an emerging opportunity to pursue the Courses of Fashion Designing Online in India. This online mode of study is too convenient for young students by being at a safe environment of their homes and without letting their career getting hammered due to Covid-19.


best designers in India

Best designers of city

1 year interior and fashion internship in India

1 Full year internship

1 week internship in Abroad

1 week internship in Abroad

Live online training

Best infrastructure and amenities to students

100% placement assistance with online fashion & interior design in india

100% Placement Support

International Guest Lectures

International Guest Lectures

Affordable online interior design in india

Affordable Fees

online flexible learning in india

Flexible learning options

Diploma Certifications after online courses

Value-adding Diploma Certifications

professional portfolio from NDA and INIFT

Portfolio Provided by NDA & INIFT 

participate in fashion shows

Get Opportunities to participate in fashion shows

50% Scholarship on all online courses
50% Scholarship 
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